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Alternative Investments

If you are not yet financially ready to invest in a property or do not yet qualify for a mortgage, growing your current savings in the mean time is a great boost. There are many investment plans on the market but to grow your savings, safely, with a short term investment.

With Eden Luxe you can safely and securely grow your savings with short term investment.

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Eden Luxe One Key Points

  • Pre planning investment Vehicle
  • Up to 60% Returns over 3 years
  • Minimum £20k Investment
  • Secure Investment – Monies Held in Equitrade Secure holding Account
  • Profit shared on a 50/50 basis
  • Option to Purchase Discounted Units at Planning Stage
  • Developments Located in Surrey & South London
  • Updates Throughout the Investment Process

Investment Project Overview

  • Eden Luxe is a property development company operating primarily in South London, in the UK. We pride ourselves in building quality developments in prime locations with a strong focus on growth areas and sustainable locations.
  • Capital is raised from private investors which will be used to acquire land parcels with potential for planning gain.
  • Private Investors can contribute up to 50% of the overall project costs and therefore own a potential 50% of the stand alone Company. Exact shareholding will depend on project costs and your individual investment.
  • Private Investors can expect a capital return plus forecast profit of between 30 and 60% net at the end of a term ranging from 18 months to 30 months.
  • On completion of each project the investors will be able to redeem their shares or re-invest a new project, subject to the company meeting its obligations.

Timeline & Return

Showing varying expected returns and term of investment

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